The Ceramist

It is the one that has a deep connection with the four elements of nature: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

The ceramics is the total fusion of the craftsman`s spirit with clay and fire. The ceramist turns into the clay that he kneads and let him unfold. In this laborious solitude discovers his personality and let it brighten!

The learning with the masters of the traditional town of Arita in Japan and living daily with the ceramists of several japanese provinces showed me the value of work in the ceramics process, the unconditional respect for tradition and creation, honoring excellence in the making.

The japanese delight researchers from around the world, using volcanic ash, rice husk ash, black pine and other elements of nature as basic raw material for the creation of ceramics glazes.

Today, just like my ancestors I concretize dreams kneading clay, harvesting and pruning branches of jackfruit, rice straw, banana, fern bush. The generous Earth and the relentless Fire are my grandiose partners that, on 1,300 °C, burn and purify these transforming plant ashes in white, brown, green, blue, silky and translucent. The possibilities are endless colors and textures of nature abundant brazilian who now receive my creation.

People in large cities distanced themselves from the primordial elements of nature. Forget the feeling of his fingers sinking into the soft clay as well forget the first child`s play with the dangerous fire that burns and turns our simple looking today, a shiny and transformer looking.

In this ceramics that I develop, the nature is being transformed, by the hand of man for the benefit of man. In the big metropolis, this philosophy ensures a balance between nature and technological improvements.

It is a gift of Nature!

By Hideko Honma